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Deluxe Blackjack is a realistic casino blackjack game and trainer. It can help you learn to play blackjack, sharpen your skills, or master your game. Universal binary supports both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Deluxe Blackjack with the blue appearance theme. Red and Green are also options.

Deluxe Blackjack includes a full six seat blackjack table. Any and all seats can be configured for human or computer A.I. control. Play a single hand or simulate a table with multiple players. Each seat also allows for manual or auto betting. This allows you to manually place different bets on each seat, or specify an amount to automatically place on each seat.

The Seat Setup dialog is used to configure the Deluxe Blackjack seats.

Any seat set to A.I. control will follow the standard basic strategy rules. Simulating other players at the table can help sharpen your strategy and card counting skills.

Deluxe Blackjack also allows you to configure the game shoe. The shoe supports from 1 to 6 decks. One can be relatively easy to manage, but increasing the shoe size can really test your card counting skills. These settings and more are configured using the Shoe Setup dialog option.

Increase the number of decks and test your card counting skills.

Configuring the shoe is one thing, but taking a peek can also be fun. Deluxe Blackjack allows you to peek at which cards remain in the shoe. The shoe dialog will show how many of each card remains along with the odds of drawing each value. It also includes a relative bar graph showing how many of each card value remains. Simply click on the shoe or select the appropriate item from the Options menu.

The current makeup of the shoe is always just a click away.

Deluxe Blackjack includes even more game statistics to help sharpen your blackjack skills. An available game summary shows all of the vital game statistics for both the human and A.I. players. The statistics and graphs are a great way to compare your own blackjack strategies against the basic blackjack strategy used by the computer A.I.

The game summary gives a detailed breakdown of the player and A.I. performance.

A complete wager summary is also just a mouse click away. Again, this includes statistics for both the human and A.I. players. This dialog gives a picture of the wager related game statistics.

The wager summary shows the player and A.I. wagering performance.

Besides the standard blackjack bets, Deluxe Blackjack also fully supports insurance bets. You can choose to never place an insurance bet, always place an insurance bet, or have the computer ask you when the option arises. In the latter case the insurance dialog pops up whenever the dealer is showing an ace.

Deluxe Blackjack allows you to selectively place insurance bets on each seat.

While Deluxe Blackjack is a fun game to play, it doesn't stop there. It can also teach you the game and give you the skills necessary to be a successful blackjack player. It includes tables and charts showing the basic strategies that every successful blackjack player should follow.

Basic guidelines and tables help sharpen your game.

Not sure when you should hit, split, double down, or hold? The answer is always just a click a way. Just press the "Hint" button any time during normal play and the computer will analyze your hand relative to visible dealer card and suggest the best player move.

Press the Hint button to have the computer A.I. analyze your hand relative to the dealer's up card.

Ready to test your blackjack skills? Download a free trial version of Deluxe Blackjack, available exlusively for Mac OS X.

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