Mac Blackjack

Deluxe Blackjack Glossary

Basic Strategy
Maximizing your chances of winning by knowing how many decks are being used, the house rules, and what possible cards could still be in the deck based on what cards are currently showing on the table.

Betting Limits
The minimum and maximum wagers you can make at a gaming table. In Deluxe Blackjack the minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $1000. Bets must also be in even dollar amounts.

Bury (or Burn)
The act of removing the top few cards from a deck or shoe after a fresh shuffle.

To go over 21. If you bust, you lose.

Card Counting
To keep track of the cards that have been played since the shuffle.

A coin-like object used for betting in casinos. You can purchase them in different denominations.

Color up
Before leaving a gaming table, a player may want to turn in his smaller-denomination chips for larger-denomination ones. This way he reduces his chances of dropping chips while moving around the casino.

52 cards used to play poker.

Double Down
The act of doubling your bet when you have a favorable hand. When doubling down, a player may receive only one more card to complete the hand.

See Hit.

Face Card
The Jack, Queen, or King cards.

First Base
The first player to the dealer's left.

Flat Bet
The same bet amount on each hand.

The cards a player currently holds.

Hard Hand
A hand without an Ace, or if the hand contains an Ace, the Ace must be counted as a 1. (Example: An Ace, 10, 3 hand is a hard hand because the Ace cannot be counted as 11.)

The act of requesting a card from the dealer.

Hole Card
The dealer's face down card.

House Rules
The specific game rules used by a particular casino.

A side bet that a player can make when the dealer's face up card is an Ace. A player can bet up to half the original bet. If the dealer does not have a blackjack, the insurance bet is lost. If the dealer does have a blackjack, the player wins 2 to 1 on his insurance bet and loses his original bet.

An IOU by a player taking a loan from the casino.

Two cards of the same rank.

A hand, usually 17 or more, which needs no more cards.

The dealer's act of looking at the Hole card.

Pit Boss
The casino employee who manages a number of casino tables, handling disputes, monitoring the games for cheating, and scheduling employees.

A tie between the dealer and player.

A box which holds more than one deck for multiple deck games.

Soft Hand
A hand with an Ace, in which the Ace is counted as 11.

The player's choice of creating two separate hands from the original hand when the original hand contains two identical cards. The player lays both cards face up, a second bet equal to the first is made, the dealer adds one card to each face up card, and the two hands are played as usual.

The player's decision to not request a card.

The player's act of forfeiting his original hand and losing half the bet. Not a prevalent option.

Third base
The player to the dealer's right.

The card in the blackjack dealer's hand that is face-up for all the players to see before they play their hands.

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